Mark Down These Dates: June 15th and 16th in London, UK

"First 400 People Get a FREE Ticket...  Watch Me Start With Absolutely Nothing, Create a Product Then See Me Market That Product and Generate Sales In Real Time!"

Then I'm Going To Giveaway All The Money To Someone In The Audience!

Complete Seminar Is The Most Comprehensive and Interactive Event Ever Created and Specifically Designed To Grow Your Business!

Join Us Now and See Exactly, Step By Step, How To Make Your Business Grow

    1. Watch Me Create a Product LIVE, Market It and Make Sales In Real Time
      I'm creating, recording and marketing a product LIVE on stage and I'll make sales right in front of you by using the techniques and strategies I share.
    2. PLUS... A Chance To Win All The Money We Generate That Weekend
      Yes, I'm giving away all the money to one person in the audience. But you have to be there in order to win.
    3. PLUS... A Chance To Win a 7 Day Cruise Vacation With Me
      I'm giving away a 7 day cruise with me to one person in the audience.
    4. PLUS... I'm Going To Give You a Shopping Cart For FREE
      Just for attending, I'm going to give you a shopping cart for FREE. This is the same system I use for all my sales. It's free to get and you simply pay a small fee from each sale.
    5. Learn The Latest Marketing Strategies To Build Your Business
      I'll be sharing the latest strategies to build and market any kind of business in record time.

This event will be different than all other events you've ever attended. No fluff, no hype just straight to point strategies anyone can use no matter what your level of expertise is and no matter what your business is.


ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm Giving Away A Caribbean Cruise To One Person In The Audience

Imagine Coming To The Complete Seminar Learning Amazing Strategies, Then To Top It All Off... Win a 7 Day Caribbean Cruise!

To Be Qualified To Win, You Just Need a Ticket and Be There Live In Person

Yes, you read it right. I'm giving away a 7 day Caribbean Cruise to one person in the Complete Seminar audience, you could be the winner. This is not just any cruise, you'll be going on vacation with me and several of my high end coaching students. What better place to build a business than on vacation, especially when it's FREE!

This is NOT some cheap cruise certificate... this is a real cruise that my family and I, as well as many of my coaching students, will be taking. I guarantee you'll have the time of your life!

What Will You Learn and From Who?

You'll Be Learning Directly From Marketing Legend Armand Morin, The Man Who's Trained More People In Marketing Than Anyone Else In The World

Learn For FREE His Latest Strategies That People Pay Him Thousands of Dollars For!

Armand Morin will personally be teaching you for 2 full days of nothing but non-stop marketing information. Whether you're a business pro or beginner we can guarantee that you'll learn strategies that will change your life forever. These are the most up to date strategies anywhere and unlike other events, Armand will be demonstrating each strategy LIVE right in front of you.

  • Brainstorm a Product People Will Absolutely Want To Buy

    Just because you create something, doesn't mean people want to buy it. You'll learn the strategies I personally use to guarantee my products sell every single time.

  • Watch Me Create and Record a Product Right In Front of Your Eyes

    Nothing is planned. During this live event, you'll see me take the idea that we just created and then turn it into a sellable product right in front of your eyes. Nothing is held back.

  • Build a Website and Sales Letter In Less Than 15 Minutes

    Some people take months to create their website. The fact is, they think about this way too much. We're going to show you how I create a website in just minutes and how you can too.

  • The One Obvious List Building Strategy for a Huge Email List

    Imagine having an email list of hundreds of thousands of people. This one strategy allows you to do this on 100% complete autopilot. It's easier than you think and I'll show it to you.

  • How To Make Millions With Email Marketing

    Email marketing is not dead. I'll reveal to you how I've made millions with email marketing and how to write a compelling email that gets people to buy. This is the key to success.

  • Use FaceBook To Market Anything You Want To

    Lets face it, Facebook is here to stay but most people aren't harnessing its power. I'm going to show you how to use Facebook and get new sales, new clients and to build a following.

  • Master YouTube With These Secret Strategies

    YouTube is not just for watching funny cat videos. It's much more than that. In just 5 or 10 minutes you can have the #1 video on YouTube driving traffic to any website you have.

  • Get #1 Ranking In Google In Only a Few Short Minutes

    Google seems so complicated, but during this weekend, I'm going to show step by step how to get #1 rankings in Google and dominate your niche market anytime you want. That's power.

  • Use Webinars To Build a 7 Figure Business

    7 figures just has a nice ring to it. What's better? Making 7 figures a year on 100% complete autopilot. It's not impossible, you can you use webinars to do it totally hands free.

  • Manipulate Amazon To Get You Free Leads

    Amazon isn't just for books. You can use it for so much more to build your business. I'll show you one strategy to generate leads and get exposure for FREE.

  • Learn My Effortless Content Writing Strategy

    I'll show you exactly how to create content effortlessly. In fact, I'll show you how I wrote a 200 page book in less than 10 days using only 10 minutes a day. It was so easy and you can do this too.

Armand Morin

Your Seminar Host Armand Morin, Will Be Personally Teaching You All Weekend Long

Armand Morin started online in 1996 since then his businesses have done literally hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. His students include the vast majority of the top marketers and business in the US, UK and Australia.

You've run across his strategies, techniques and methods whether you knew it or not. He's invented many the marketing methods running the internet.

At this event he'll be personally teaching you the latest strategies that he's currently using now in his business.

We'll Be Giving Away Thousands of Dollars To Someone In The Audience

We'll Be Creating Sales and Generating Income All Weekend and Then on Sunday Evening, We'll Give Away All That Money To One Person!

You Don't Want To Miss This But You Have To Be There In Order To Win

This is so exciting, so let me explain to you exactly how this all is going to work. First, as a group, we're going to brainstorm an idea for a product for me to create LIVE on stage. Once decided, then we go to work and start creating the product immediately. Due to time constraints, I'm sure it will be video we'll be creating.

Now, once we've created the product, our next step is to build a website. And I'll do that right in front of everyone in record time. Including a lead generation page and video sales letter to sell it.

Then the fun begins. We start marketing the product. I'll show you step by step how to market this product and we will get sales live right in front of everyone. It's a no brainer.

On Sunday Afternoon I'm Going To Draw a Name Out of Hat and That Person Will Go Home With All The Money We Created From The Weekend!

Yes, you read it right... It very well could be you! I'm going to give away all the money we generate from these sales and give it away to someone in that room. I very well could be you! Imagine, coming to a seminar and possibly walking home with thousands of dollars in your pocket.

There Are Rules Though...

The primary rule; YOU MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE to win. If your ticket is called and you are not there, we will draw another ticket. You also cannot give your ticket to someone else and split the money. If you are caught giving your ticket away both people will be disqualified. These are simple rules to follow to make it fair for everyone attending.

If you can follow these rules, then you are good. It's going to be exciting. Simply register your seat right now.

Don't Settle For Less...

Upgrade To One Of Our Higher Levels Of Seating & Participation To Get The Best Complete Experience Possible... This Will Absolutely Change Your Life!

General, Premium, Elite or VIP The Choice Is Yours


Take at look at the different attendance opportunities...

General Admission (FREE) - Drawing Tickets: 1 - This is access to the seminar for FREE. This gives you access to the 2 days of the event and gives you our Complete tote bag as well as the Complete Journal so you can takes notes throughout the event.

Premium Admission (£97) - Drawing Tickets: 3 - For £97 you'll receive everything in the General Admission plus the official Complete T-Shirt and a copy of Armand's Success Leaves Traces book. Additionally, you will get access to the arrival, morning and afternoon coffee, tea and pastry. PLUS preferred seating.

Elite Admission (£497) - Drawing Tickets: 5 - Our Elite ticket gives you everything in the General and Premium Admissions, PLUS daily private lunch with Armand. Additionally, you get to attend our exclusive Friday night reception. During this reception you will get a chance to hang out with Armand, get your copy of Success Leaves Traces signed and network with other Elite and VIP attendees.

VIP Admission (£2497) - Drawing Tickets: 10 - This is only for a limited number of people. You'll get everything included in all other levels PLUS you'll have access to our private lounge throughout the event during lunches and breaks. This is also where Armand will be whenever possible throughout the event. Additionally, you will dine with Armand on Saturday and Sunday following the event.

The biggest advantage to this level of admission is that you'll have dinner with Armand Friday night and Saturday night of the event.

Simply select the level that's best for you. With the amount of marketing we are doing, the seating will sell out very quickly and this is the one event of the year you do not want to miss out on. Don't wait on this.

Complete Seminar Is The Most Comprehensive and Interactive Event Ever Created and Specifically Designed To Help You Grow Your Business!

Join Us Now and See Exactly Step By Step How To Make Your Business Grow


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  • 3 Entries Into Drawing
  • Complete Tote Bag
  • Complete Journal
  • Complete T-Shirt
  • Success Leaves Traces Book
  • 3 - Tea Breaks
  • Preferred Front Seating

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  • Complete Tote Bag
  • Complete Journal
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  • 3 - Tea Breaks
  • Preferred Front Seating
  • Private Friday Night Party
  • Lunches Friday and Saturday


£2497 Only 17 Left
  • 10 Entries Into Drawing
  • Complete Tote Bag
  • Complete Journal
  • Complete T-Shirt
  • Success Leaves Traces Book
  • Book Signing
  • 3 - Tea Breaks
  • Preferred Front Seating
  • Private Friday Night Party
  • Private Lunches w/Armand
  • 2 - Private Dinners w/Armand
  • Private VIP Lounge